Dark Athame consist of a Swede, a Norwegian and an American. We formed in 2018, and our influences range from 70s prog rock to modern metal. You will be able to listen to our songs on Spotify and other streaming services.

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New single "One Day" available on Spotify and other streaming services, out November 11th. This one is a labour of love for sure, we can't wait to share our latest song with you!

Debut album "Will is the link" out July 16th 2021 on Spotify and other streaming services

It is finally mere days away, the release of our first album! We have done all of the work, including mixing and mastering, recording, composition and arrangements - it really is a labour of love and we really hope you like it!

Second single out June 18th 2021. This one is a bit more rough and dark, we sincerely hope you all like it as much as we do!

Debut single "Ascension" out May 21st 2021

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